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Julie and Janet

Name Comment Date of post
Charlie Thank you again Janet and Julie for my 5 star 4 day break. I have had a lovely time yet again and really enjoyed my stay.
I am sorry about my messy litter tray, I have a little trouble with my toilet habits these days. I am in my seventeenth year and I sometimes have an upset tummy.
Thank you again for looking after me so well and I hope to see both again later in the year.

Love Charlie Brown.
Charlie Thank you again Janet and Julie for looking after me. I had a lovely holiday in my luxury heated accommodation. I even enjoyed a pedicure and an ear clean during my stay (sheer bliss).
I hope to see you again next year for another 5 star stay.
Love Charlie Brown
Joanne, Craig,James & Emily Adlington Dear Janet and Julie, a big thankyou once again for taking such good care of Jemma. She has come back relaxed and happy after her lovely holiday with you. We can not praise you highly enough, the love and individual care you give to Jemma is excellent & we can always go away & enjoy our holiday knowing she is in absolute safe hands. See you again soon! Xx 5/9/2013
Charlie Brown Dear Janet and Julie,
Thank you so much for looking after me last week while my owners were away. I was a little nervous as I am 15 and have only ever been away from home for 3 days . I have never been in a cat hotel before, but I needn't have worried as Janet and Julie were really kind to me, they even cleaned the oil I had on my back from sitting under cars.
Thank you again for a lovely restful time and
I will see both again soon.

Love Charlie from
Oak wood.
HARRY AND FREDDIE Thank you again Janet and Julie for our lovely holiday with you can't wait till August when we come again. Mum is getting a wire basket for Freddie so hopefully he will travel better next time, silly boy.

Big Hug to you both
Tessie Dear Janet and Julie

Just had to let you know how much we love the Sureflap catflap we purchased from you when we collected Tessie. It is wonderful how it works from her chip, so no heavy ornaments round her neck! It is much easier for her to use, much lighter door than the previous one. We also love how it locks automatically when the time has been set. Sureflap have really done their research, what a good purchase.

Tessie also sends her love to you both for looking after her when she came on her holiday recently.

Kind regards

Rosemary and David Cook
Wendy Burns and William Dear Janet and Julie, I cannot thank you both enough for the care that you gave our cat William during his stay at your wonderful cattery. William has always been so nervous whilst in catteries but I knew that he had been very happy with you, particularly when I came to pick him up and he seemed that chilled that he didnt want to leave! He looked so well and he settled back in his own home instantly, giving us loads of affection!! Fingers crossed that you will be able to have him stay with you again in September. We never want to go to any other cattery! 31/7/2012
Harry Meme Charlie & Lola Janet and Julie
Thank you so much for taking such good care of our furry gang, as always we know once they're with you we can relax and enjoy our hols.
See you in August and once again thank you sooo much we all think you're both wonderful.
The Domleo's (including furries)!!
Milly, Molly and Tiggy Dear Janet and Julie
Thank you very much for looking after Milly, Molly and Tiggy so well. It was the first time Milly had not spent the duration of her stay in a Cattery under a blanket, so was obvious she enjoy her stay and the love and attention she had from you.
It is a relief to know how well they are looked after with you.
Milly, Molly and Tiggy say a BIG THANK YOU and they are looking forward to seeing you again very soon.
Love Ann + Derek Mutch XXXXX
Finzi Thanks for looking after me so well last week. I promise to try harder on my next visit to keep my cabin tidy!!! 19/2/2012
Sheena Parry Thank you for looking after my two pookies, Anila & Bagpuss whilst I was on holiday. They both settled back home within 5 mins of getting out their carrier so I know they must have enjoyed their stay very much. I wish I'd discovered Amberley years ago, they will definitely be back again for their holidays. Thanks again =^..^= 22/11/2011
Tessie Dear Aunty Janet and Aunty Julie
Thank you so much for looking after me when my Mum and Dad went on holiday for two weeks. I had a lovely time sitting and watching everything. I like going to Amber Ley as it is so special and so 5 star, what a lucky girl I am. My Mum and Dad like me to come to Amber Ley as they know I will be taken care of. Thank you.
Eatherington Janet & Julie

Thanks so much for looking after Ozzie & Sooty so well, once again!! As soon as we dropped them off they knew where they were & were very relaxed. They look very well & have obviously enjoyed their pampering holiday. It's such peace of mind for us, knowing they are looked after so well. Thanks again!
Lisa & Ray xx
Ann and Tim Hickling Our thanks once again for looking after Harry so well for the tenth time.
If anyone reading this is undecided about which cattery to use I can honestly say you will not find a better run place than Amber ley. It really is excellent and Janet and Julie are so caring, giving each cat their individual attention. I am so glad I found Amber ley Cattery.

Harry says 'Thank you and see you again soon and I will have some more prawns please, you know how I like them (cut in two and hand-fed!)'

Kind regards

Ann and Tim Hickling
Teddy, Ruby & Billie Jean Janet & Julie,
My three babies were so well looked after even with Teddy being so poorly and needing his meds daily ;0) First time in a cattery and I was worried about leaving them, I have no hesitation at all next time because I know they are spoilt rotten and get lots of attention!
All the best for 2011.
Julie xx
Magic Julie and Janet

Once again thank you so much for looking after me so well over Christmas and for all the spoiling and cuddles. As yet I have not got my owners as well trained as you, I have not had breakfast in bed since I returned home.!!

Wishing you and your feline friends all the best for 2011.
Max and Theo Thank you so much for looking after us xx we really enjoyed the chicken and not forgetting the cuddles.
We have asked mum and dad to get us the toy tunnel for Christmas xxxx
Can't wait till next year
Love always
Max and Theo Leighton xxx
Eatherington As always thank you so much for looking after our babies, Ozzie & Sooty, so well.

Once again they've enjoyed their 5 * holiday, and have come back relaxed.

They look so healthy, happy & relaxed & obviously enjoy staying with you & being pampered.

It's great for us to go on holiday & know we don't need to worry. We do miss them though & are glad to have them home.

Thanks again Janet & Julie

Lisa Eatherington
Ann & Tim Hickling Thanks once again, Janet and Julie, for taking care of Harry during our holiday in September. He is such a shy cat but we know we can always trust you to handle him right. He has visited Amberley Cattery nine times now, we wouldnt take him anywhere else. (Harry says thanks for the all the fish and the prawns.)

Tessie Thank you so much for looking after me when my Mum & Dad were on holiday. I love the 5 star hotel and 5 star treatment. Looking forward to my next holiday with you.

Thank you Janet & Julie for taking care of Tessie, we miss her when we are away but know she is in the best hands.
Maximus Dear Janet and Julie. Thank you so much for the care and affection you always showed to our much loved and very much missed boy. We are sure that he couldn't have stayed anywhere better and when we can bear to get another cat he will certainly be coming to Amber Ley! Steve and Lisa Galloway 6/3/2010
Magic Julie and Janet, thank you so much for all the love and care you gave to me during my stay over Christmas and New Year. You really do run a first class cattery, I would not stay anywhere else. 10/1/2010
Eatherington Janet & Julie,

Thank you so much for looking after our babies, Ozzie & Sooty so well. They always enjoy their 5 star holiday and come back looking well and very relaxed.

We miss them while we're away but don't worry about them so much as we know they are in very good hands.

See you next year

Lisa & Ray


Finzi Thank you so much for pampering me last week. My owners are impressed that at last I have now found my proper Siamese miaow. Talking to all my neighbours must have taught me how to do it properly!

Thanks also from Claire and David. It's lovely to see how well and happy he is.
Hela and Loki Another stay in 5 star luxury - my sister Loki loves it, meeting all and sundry who pass her by. But then she was always common...

I have to say she looks good on it though - when she returned home, her coat looked beautiful, and I'm sure she could get very used to all the fussing.

As for me, I tolerate the incarceration whilst my owner is off on her jollies - if I have to go to a hotel, this is the best there is. And quite right too - I deserve it!
Eatherington Hi Julie & Janet,

Thank you for looking after our Babies again. They really enjoyed their 5 star holiday and are looking very well and relaxed. Think they had missed us as they have followed us around all weekend. See you in October.

Lisa & Ray

Sarah & Nik Jones (Smirny & Dom Dom) Hi Julie & Janet,

We just wanted to say a BIG congratulations on achieveing your 600 cat boarders!!! I'm so very glad to say that we are part of it.

Much love,

Sarah, Nik, Alicia and of course your loving admirers, Smirnoff and Domino xxx
Eatherington Hi Janet & Julie,

Thanks once again for looking after our Babies, Ozzie & Sooty, so well. They have once again really enjoyed their 5 star holiday. They are looking very well and so relaxed as usual. I don't know what we'd all do without you. Thanks again. See you in July!

Lisa and Ray
Beaker the cat! Thank you for yet another fabulous all inclusive holiday! ... enjoyed beautifully presented food, massages, wonderful en-suite bedroom with balcony ... ate so well I put on weight! (Mum was pleased - I needed a little more bulk!) ... looking forward to seeing Janet & Julie again soon
Love Beaker the cat
(p.s My mummy says my holiday sounds just like hers! ... but Mummy put on more weight than I did!!)
Sharon & David Bebbington well, Janet & Julie what can we say but thank you so much for taking care of all of us yet again, albeit without our little sister Daisy we did so enjoy our Christmas and loved the turkey of course. It's even more fun now that we can all be together. Lots of meow's & Pats. Mallory, Darley, Fazor & Tinkerbell xx 23/1/2009
Brandy and Bailey Dear Janet and Julie
Thank you very much for looking after us both in 2008. I know we visited lots and I hope we didnt out stay our welcome but we are due back lots in 2009!
Its a great home from home for us both, we always show off our well groomed coats when we get home.
Happy New year
Love B and B
Eatherington Dear Janet & Julie,

Thank you so much for looking after our babies, Ozzie, Sooty & Miffy, so well.

They have really enjoyed their holiday, they look well and are very relaxed.

See you in April.

Kind Regards

Lisa & Ray
Smirny and Dom Dom Hello again, only the purrfect pair!

Just a quick note to say a big thankyou for having us over Christmas and New Year, we've had a lovely time. Mummy and daddy and the little person all look they've had a grrrreat time like us. It's nice to be home again though.

Much love and thanks for all the pampering, and fresh food!

Love Smoo and Doodles xx
Smirny and Dom Dom Hello again, only us purrfect pair! Or, well at
least not quite so purfect in mummy and daddys eyes as Smirny has thrown up
7 mice in one sitting and i keep pulling the xmas tree over.

Anyway, we wanted to ask if we were going to feature on your website in your
5th 100 cats page if you were going to have one. Also mummy thinks her
keyrings are adorable and we now get to go everywhere with her.

We shall see you soon for our Xmas break,

Much love as always,

Smoo and Dommie xx
Smirny and Dom Dom Hi Julie and Janet,

Thank you so very much for our last trip to cattingham palace, we enjoyed ourselves very much and can't wait to spend Christmas and New Year with you both. Mummy and daddy feel aweful that we can't come to Orlando with them but we'd much prefer to spend it with you.

Much love, Smirny and Dom xxxx
Angela & Mark Hi Janet & Julie,
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for looking after Archie and Bella on our two recent trips. We were naturally worried about leaving them for the first time (especially with Bella's ear drops) but there was absolutely no need and we felt happy knowing they were in such good hands. When we got them home yesterday (after a sing song in the car from Bella!) they both crashed out fast asleep for the rest of the day. Think their crazy playtime antics had caught up with them!
We'll see you again in a couple of weeks for their next stay at your lovely cattery.
Angela & Mark Bolton
P.S. Thanks again for the keyrings, they're so cute!
Lisa Eatherington Hi Janet & Julie,

Thank you for looking after Ozzie, Sooty & Miffy so well. Thank you for giving them their medication and specail food where needed. They all look so well and are soooo relaxed, they obviously really enjoyed their holiday and pampering with you. We look forward to seeing you next Easter.

Love Ray & Lisa & gang xxx
Tessie Dear Aunties Janet and Julie

Looking foward to seeing you next week when I come on my holidays. My bags are nearly packed. Just wanted to let you know how much my Mum loves the keyring my Dad bought from you, she loves it. It is on her handbag, so I go everywhere with her. Looking forward to plenty of hugs.

Luv Tessie x x

Oscar Thank you both so much for looking after Oscar so well. He's clearly had a lovely time, and has come home totally relaxed and chilled out. He's now gone out to explore again, and as I can't see him at the minute I think he may be on his way back to you!!Thanks again for everything.
Beaker Thanks again Janet & Julie for a lovely holiday with you at Amber Ley - (cannot wait for December 08 - if Mum ever gets around to booking that holiday, and March 09 - Mum has booked that one already!).
I think the best bit was having the nice big juicy bunny rabbit to watch! - I was fascinated! (it made up for daddy forgetting to bring my favourite sqeaky toy with me!).
Oh well, I'm back home now and worrying the new Mummy and Daddy blackbirds and their twin babies - My Mum keeps telling me no more Amber Ley if I keep up my patrol around the tree with the nest in!!.
See you very soon for the usual pampering (massage, hair, nails & huge amounts of fuss!!)
Love Squeaky Beaky! x X x
Alan Baby-face Newman It all nearly went ‘Paws-up’! Daddy has the memory of a mutt chasing his tale and gave poor Janet and Julie the wrong return dates which would have resulted in me being homeless for a tragic 24 hours …(stupid man servant). Of course I flexed my peroxide whiskers and demanded that he do whatever it takes to resolve his absurd oversight.

Mummy gave me lots of splendid snout kisses and lub cuddles to help ease the shock.

All was saved when Janet and Julie, my beautiful fairy godmothers waved there collective magic wands, and just day’s before my human, servant underlings departed for sunny Rhodes the little angels of Amber Ley were able to find me not just any room, but my usual, five paw luxury apartment in the upper wing of their prestigious establishment.

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah and Mwah to you both for everything leading up to and during my stay.

I lub, lub, lub you both always!

From your Divine Alan-Baby-face Boy-chops xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx xXx
Lisa Eatherington Hi Jane & Julie,

Just to say thank you once again. Ozzie, Sooty & Miffy really enjoyed their week's stay with you. They were all so well and so relaxed. I have no worries holidaying them with Amber Ley. Your cattery is absolutely outstanding! Thanks again.

Lisa Eatherington & Ray Supple
Sarah Chapman Hi Julie and Janet,

Many thanks for looking after us both so well as per usual, we couldn't except any other cattery other than your cattingham palace!

I have to confess I was very naughty as soon as mummy opened the cat box - I did no more than run outside and catch the nearest bird as a pressie for mummy, daddy and Alicia. I'd only been home about a minute, they really weren't impressed so I stayed low for the remainder of the day, thankfully, Smirmy kept me company!

Anyway, we'd better go and go out as it's a lovely warm night.

Once again many thanks for looking after us, it was lovely to see you both again, and we are really looking forward to our Oct/Nov trip and especially our Xmas and New Year vacation, any more fresh turkey and salmon going.

Lots of love, purrs and licks.

Dom Dom and Smirny xxxxxx
Sam and Oscar Craner Janet and Julie,

Thanks again for looking after our boys so well while we were away. It gives us such peace of mind to know that they are safe, warm, happy and getting lots of fuss and attention. I am not sure they wanted to leave but they are very happy to be home again.

Many thanks

Steve and Kathryn
Eatherington Hi Janet & Julie,

Thank you, once again, for looking after Ozzie, Sooty & Miffy so well. Especially Ozzie with his special food and medication. We do miss our babies when we're away of course, but we don't worry about them as much when they're with you. They are so well and relaxed when they come home from Amber Ley. It was good to see you both and we'll all see you again in July. Thanks again.

Lisa & Ray

Lucky Dear Janet & Julie
Thank you very much for looking after me for various periods over the past few months. I will really enjoyed myself and miss our chats, fuss, treats and brushes. I have settled really well back at home and occupy most of my mommy and daddys bed at night. I hope to see you soon. Love Lucky X
Smirny and Dom Dom (Sarah Chapman) Thankyou for looking after us again and at such short notice too, we both loved our mini break and look forward to all the loves, pats, cuddles, kisses, and brushes that we get very soon (our coats look wonderful still, mummy is very impressed!!). I am so sorry for being sick on the floor, I know I can be a bit piggy at times. Anyway, thankyou once again and we shall see you very soon. Much love, purrs and licks, Smirny and Dom Dom xoxoxoxox 10/4/2008
Magic Hi Julie and Janet

Thank you for looking after me and pampering me for 4 weeks during March. My coat is still very shiny from all the fussing and brushing, I did not miss my mummy at all. I will continue to recommend your excellent accommodation to other felines.
Titus Thank you for letting me stay, I had a really great time and I made a new friend Toby (who I hope I will see again). My mum and dad were really happy to see I had such a good time and have already booked for me to come back, maybe with a little friend in tow! Love and kisses Titus xx 11/2/2008
Millie & Morcheeba Janet & Julie
We just want you to know that we had such a great holiday in Januaury, and we are counting down the days till we see you later in the year!
Thank you again and lots of kisses,
Millie & Morcheeba

Christine Hi Janet & Julie -

Thanks so much for giving Tom & Millie such a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Christine & family.
Guest to Janet and julie,happy new year!Thank you for looking after bonny and angel(even if they are very naughty kitties!)

From Mia Sam and Charliexxx
Sarah Chapman HI Janet and Julie,

Just a quick thankyou for looking after Smirny and Dom Dom so well, although glad to be home, they have enjoyed their Christmas vacation with you both and are looking forward to more stays with yourselves in the near future.

Best wishes,

Sarah, Nik, Smirny and Dom Dom xoxoxoxo
Alan Boy-Face Newman Hi, it’s Alan ‘Bay Boy-Face McBoy-Cops, Prolifically Prestigious and Splendidly Pumpkin with my Beaauuuuuuuuuutiful Bad Self’ Newman!

I would have had my man and lady servant (that’s Mummy and Daddy-Face McBoy-Chops) post this message some weeks ago after my animal-tastic winter vacation at the Chic, Exclusive, Pimped to the Max, Google-star AMBER LEY CATTERY; explicitly for the ‘A’ STAR Select! But I’ve been transfixed at my fierce, iridescent reflection of my immaculately white coat and crystal like blue and green eyes! Simple put; “I look ammmmmazzingly superior!”

After five days in hair and make-up, Über hours of reflexology, Indian head massages and healthy cuisine I look even more beautiful than ever. In fact I’m so beautiful I nearly fainted …I should come with a public health warning!

Janet and Julie, I’ve been told not to mention the bed, we don’t want to make the other guests jealous (…our little secret eh!), – you’re a collective close number one (…about a 1.5) next to Mummy and Daddy and I’ll be back in June 2008 for more of the same …that’s if I can last that long! Big Love from my Big Face; Mwah! Mwah and Mwah!
Beaker I came to stay at Amber ley the week before Christmas - my Mummy said it was going to be really nice, but I was scared and swore a lot on the way there (even though I only usually squeak a bit!) cos the last time I went to a different cat hotel and it was only a 2 star. But - Amber ley was fantastic - it's 5 Star cat luxury living - my room had a lovely en-suite bathroom and a really big bedroom on the mezzanine floor with garden views! I was given lots of love and cuddles and the lovely lady even worked out what my nick name is! (my Mummy calls me squeaky beaky too!). I cannot wait for my next holiday. But for now I will enjoy Christmas at home sporting the fabulous new PINK collar my Mummy bought for me for being so good!
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!
Lots of squeaks, Beaker! x X x
Antony Davis Thankyou so much for caring for my three cats, Duchess, Oscar & Rupert. It is clear from the momment you arrive that the cattery is clean and run to a very high standard and this is a credit to you both.
I will not hesitate on recommending Amber Ley to all my friends & clients. Look forward to seeing you both very soon.
Antony & three very happy cats

Sharon & David Bebbington Well, what can we say, all our 5 cats love coming to Janet & Julie, we have been coming since they started out and always book well in advance so we have complete piece of mind knowing that our tribe are well looked after and loved whilst we also enjoy out holidays. The cattery is the best around, absolutely spotless and we always plan our holidays around when Janet and Julie can fit Tinkerbell, Daisy, Fazor, Darley & Mallory in. We will continue to use Amber Ley indefinitely. We fell very lucky to have found them. 6/8/2007
Mahalia I stayed at amber ley at the beggining of the year Feb to March for 5 weeks. i didnt want to come at first cuz my mate Demetrius died only 2 weeks earlier and i was still upset and lonley, but I'm glad i did come, Janet & Julie were great i had a fab holiday & i didnt want to go back home at first. But my mum said I'm going to get some new mates soon ,so Im looking forward to comming back with some rascals in tow. So thanks Janet & Julie. Your great love and purrs from Mahalia 18/7/2007
Zeus, JaiJai, Kymba, Crystal
We just want to thank you for looking after us while our Mummy was away. We really enjoyed looking out at the garden and all the dickie birds. We were so comfortable when our Mummy came to fetch us that we did'nt want to go home and this upset our mummy a little but as she said at least we were happy and that made her feel that she could send us to you again, as she was very nervous about leaving us for the the first time. We can't wait for Mummy to go away again so we can come on "our holidays"

Love and kisses to both of you
Harry I am a very shy cat and my Mummy was very nervous about leaving me the first time, but she need not have worried. Janet and Julie are very kind and have looked after me very well. They have hand-fed me prawns and given me lots of cuddles. I have just returned from my third visit and everyone says I have lots more confidence now. My Mummy and I highly recommend Amber Ley Cattery. 10/6/2007
alex helllo
My cat visited your cattery about two years ago now and I'm not sure if I have already signed your guestbook!! So here I am again. Your cattery is the best I have ever come across and my cat says so too! If my friend ever needs a cattery I will always recommend you. We got your christmas card this year and is very appreciated! Hope you had a good chritmas!
Thats all for now
Brandy and Bailey Hi Janet and Julie
Just a quick note to say we arriving on Thursday for 10 days. We are looking forward to our stay, we always go home relaxed when you have looked after us. Its so calm and tranquil at your place, makes a change from seeing our parents bouncing off the walls!!
Looking forward to xmas and new year with you! and feb! we are so lucky :)
Liz jury great 4/9/2006
Barnsie Tank U 4 lucking after me. I ad a vury gud oliday. I luv the pen U gave mi Mum und Dad 2 celibrate 2 years. I just need 2 lern ow 2 spel. Gettin lessons, but at nearly 17, wy bother.
Luv U 2 peeces, Layed back Barnsie. xxx
Oscar & Emmy We have just finished our 3rd stay of the year!

It was fanatstic, we enjoyed our turkey Christmas dinner, our stocking full of presents has kept us busy since we arrived home.

Thank you Janet & Julie, we look forward to our next holiday with you in February x x x x
Bobby & Lucy Just returned from another blissful stay at Amberley. Yes, there are places to stay on the Isle of Wight but we insist on travelling up with Mum & Dad whenever they visit the family in the frozen North. This Christmas was really special although we didn't move far away from the lovely warm heater and anyway we were just too stuffed from the Christmas Day Turkey to do much working out. We were so layed back this visit that we didn't open our Stocking until we got back on the Island. Wow! the Toys,Gift Wrapped Nibbles and those crazy Bubbles were all just amazing - thanks for everything and see you again soon! 30/12/2005
Annie & Millie We both enjoyed our holiday this year and look forward to coming again next summer. Mum liked the photos 22/12/2005
Ella & Loki Loki thinks it's fab staying at Amberley as she gets to shout at everyone that walks past to get lots of fuss and cuddles - she's a bit more common than me...

I take a while to get used to the general riff raff, but enjoy it eventually - imagine, a dog free zone for a whole week!

We're both really looking forward to visiting again in January whilst Mummy gets bruised all over learning to snowboard. Amberley is better than a home from home - top class service and cuddles galore, what more could you ask for?
Monty and Jess Thankyou Janet and Julie for looking after us so well while my owners went on their holidays. We had a fabulous time and felt very safe and comfortable and we really appreciate all the love and attention we received. We can't wait to stay again in April. See you then! xx
We also loved the Xmas decorations xx
Alan "Babyface" Newman Hello Janet and Julie,
I am sitting here preening my beautiful fur and found time to write a thank you note for the Christmas card and fantastic photo of my fantastic self (can't go wrong with a photo of my beautiful white fur). I once again enjoyed my stay in November when my servants (they think their my owners)went to Cornwall. I look forward to visiting you lucky ladies for my summer holiday in July 06.

alexandra hello, i think you are a very good cattery and even my cat says so. He really loves his holidays and liked it even better there! i love the magazines you send and i very much appreciate the christmas cards you send us. so thank you!!! and we wish you a very big christmas!!!! bye for now xxx 15/12/2005
Jess & Molly Well we just had to make a comment in the guest book after visiting Amber Ley this last weekend for the umptenth time this year. Our stay with all the christmas lights was truly enchanting. We were, as always so well looked after, cuddled, fed and kept warm our parents never have anything to worry about - THANKS SO MUCH. We hope you have a fabulous christmas and look forward to seeing you in January 2006. Love J&M xx 13/12/2005
Misty & Mr Darcy Sorry about the delay in leaving this but we have been told by Mish & Steven that we might be buying a nice big house ( i think they are getting a bit stressed!) we loved it again i wonder if that foxy lady that was our neghbour will be there when we come next year, im ever so heart broken, Misty Doesnt mind as she thinks she's a Human and winds me up all the time!! Mish bought us a new climbing frame coz we loved out lettle shelf to sit on! its lovely and furry.

Anyway, we loved our stay as always and will be back next year, Mish will call you with the dates shortly. Bye for now! x
Millie & Flo Sorry about the delay in writing, but you know how it is when you get home from a fab holiday - we have had to establish daily prawns whilst being groomed and eventually persuaded our owners to buy us a new dive bombable bed! What fun. Thank you so much for another great time, we will see you in October and bring next years dates with us to avoid disappointment!!!
Loads of love and purrs, M & F
P>S> Mill says will it be cold enough for the jumper with the tassle?
Meatball Had a lovely holiday at amberley cattery, was again put next to Millie & Flo and loved every minute of it. My Mummy & Daddy are very fussy ( Mummy really is!!!! ) about where there cat stays, I would highly recommend this holiday camp for cats. This is my 3rd time within a year & I love it!!!! aswell as Janet & Julie. Thank you so so much. Love Meatball x x 17/8/2005
Alan Newman What’sup my purr-tastic homeboys and girls! I’m Alan ‘Big Face McBoy Chops’ Newman …AKA ‘Mummies Little Pumpkin’ and ‘The Prolific One’.

Yes! I am beautiful, like all the cats that Julie and Janet are privileged to preen and pamper at the notorious and select (5) ***** Paw Plus Amber Ley Cattery. Because of my splendid beauty and boyish good looks I was upgraded to a 16 night VIP stay in July. This feline celebrity hang-out for the spoilt and pampered is like MTV Cribs for cats and oozes so much ‘Bling’ it’s obscene.

I’ll see you two lucky ladies at the back end of this year for my Winter Sun 2005 Amber Ley ‘Gold’ vacation. I wouldn't be seen holidaying anywhere else!

Luv Alan xXx
Captain & George George and I couldn't believe our luck when our owners went on holiday for 3 weeks and we were delivered to Amber Ley Cattery.

We soon settled in care of Julie & Janet and before too long it was like a home-from-home plus there was some female cat eye candy for us to ogle. When it came time to leave we put up such a struggle our owners had to borrow Julie & Janet's cat baskets as theirs couldn't hold us!! My litle bro and I want to say a massive thank you to Julie & Janet for looking after us and we hope to see you both soon.

Lots of love,

Captain & George
Barnsie & Thai We wanted to say thank you for looking after us, when we came on holiday. We loved the cuddles we got from you both.
We are now settled in back home but looking forward to our next little holiday at your excellent hotel.
Love from Barnsie and Thai.
Misty and Mr Darcy We loved out little stay a few weeks back!!! we will be coming back again as we loved it so so much! we got groomed lots, and just loved watching the water features, it was so nice! can't wait to see you again.

P.S We love our cosy mats!!! they are FAB!
Millie and Flo Thank you for another happy week. We are so excited about coming back in the summer. We are spending this week sleeping as we spend the day on our own at home ( we do make up for it in the evenings though!)
See you soon, love M & F
Jack & Cleo We’re all excited about our pending holiday in July. Mum says the hotel is 5* and better than the one she is going to in Egypt! We’ll send an update to confirm if she’s right after our hols.

This will be my first stay in a cattery but Cleo has been before but not to anywhere quite as posh as this.

We are looking forward to getting lots of fussing and attention and watching the birds and the bees and the squirrel!

See you soon!
Jack & Cleo
Lucy and Bobby Thank you for looking after us both so well.Everyone was so kind. We loved our room and although we didn't have a sea view like at home the little garden we looked out on was a delight and so peaceful. We went home happy and contented and slept all the way and didnt wake up until we got on the ferry.
We are really looking forward to coming back again. We hope you will have space for us at Christmas.
Tigger I loved staying at this fabulous hotel! I had a great room with lots of things to do and great things to look at. I miss my cuddles very much and the food was amazing. My coat is so dazzling and soft! Oh well, I off to sleep. Thanks for being my other home. 17/2/2005
Custard Well I'm a bit of a regular now and it's a good job I love it so much cos my rotten humans keep going away to the seaside. I think they suppose I mind but I just nestle down in my warm little cathouse and wait for janet and julie to feed and fuss me!

meep! x
Minty Have packed my bags ready for my hols after I saw these pic's...... Roll on August....MEOOOOOW 18/1/2005
Shadow This is truly a fab cat hotel - I was quite sad to go home and now insist upon having my own heater next to my bed to maintain the standard I got used to at Amberley! As an old lady who has to have tablets every day, I can highly recommend it to other aged cats as the standard to care and affection is very high. I hope my owners book another holiday very soon so that I can pay another visit! 24/12/2004
martha thank you for the lovely christmas card purrfect I really enjoyed my holiday with you.Thank you.
Magic Thank you for the Christmas card. Sorry I will not be able to visit you for Christmas but will be back in the new year to enjoy some spoiling at your superb accommodation. Happy Christmas and all the best for 2005. 13/12/2004
Molly & Tess The Christmas card and photos were a lovely surprise. We're looking forward to coming back in February. 10/12/2004
Shiraz & Lenny We had a great time and can't wait to come back. Thank you for the lovely stay and all the love and care we got.
see you all soon
Love Shiraz and Lenny

P.S That cat grass was lovely. Prrrrrrrr
kate We have just received our lovely photo in our Christmas card. Thank you very much, a very nice surprise.

Kevin enjoyed his 2 week stay & settled back in at home perfectly. He was obviously very well looked after!

We will be in touch to book him in again in March so he will look forward to staying with you again.
Millie and Flo We have really enjoyed our 2 stays with you and ca't wait to come again. I do miss chewing your tassle every morning Auntie Janet, and Flossie misses being nosey! xx 11/11/2004
Michael Great website,our cat hasn't stayed here yet but the facilities look excellent and I'm sure he will like his first stay here in December. 21/10/2004
Atique Nice cattery. Lovely place for the cats to live in. 2/10/2004
Simon Great cattery! (But, as a member of the family, I'm biased!) 14/9/2004